We are one of the first official Analytics partners to Google as part of the Google Analytics Partner Program. We are also proud of adding Google AdWords certification under our belt!

Since our foundation in 2011, we only grew bigger, became stronger and wiser with every new project we took on. Our main goal is to deliver the best service possible when it comes to Google Analytics, AdWords, Conversion design and Web Development.

As part of the few Analytics and AdWords agencies in Sweden, we are able to offer you several advantages as Google Certified Partner:

  1. Top notch digital analytics insights
  2. Tons of experience with many clients in different areas and fields
  3. The latest product updates and new beta versions

We are open to any question and discussions, so feel free to CONTACT us for any query you might have. Just fill in the Get In Touch form!

What does the name May & Barrow stand for?

Often we get the question about what does the name May & Barrow stand for. We have our strongest roots from the time and place where we started our online adventure. “May” in our company name stands for the month May since we started in May of 2011. “Barrow” in our company name stands for Barrow Street where the Google European headquarters is based.



The team

Emina Dervisevic / Co-founder – Analytics specialist

emina 1Before founding May & Barrow Emina worked inside Google as a Google Analytics Product Specialist. Through her solid experience dealing with the most advanced usage of the product, today she truly is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world around Google Analytics. In addition she brings in a wealth of sales experience working with the top companies in Scandinavia on improving their sales and marketing performance online.

Emina will take care of your data and make sure that you take your business decisions based on correct insights.

Contact: emina@mayandbarrow.com

Carl Zetterberg / Co-founder  - Conversion specialist

carl 1Carl has worked with web marketing for over 10 years with focus on web design, development and search engine optimization. Carl has worked with some of the most challenging conversion tasks in the industry and has been responsible for the web presence at Guldbrev and Mobillån.

Carl is currently running Digital1 digital agency. Blog: Carl

Contact: carl@mayandbarrow.com

Robin Havervall / partner – AdWords specialist

robin 11Robin is an Account Strategist at May & Barrow and has worked with Google AdWords and Analytics as online strategist. He has a bachelor from Uppsala University in Marketing. Robin has worked with global account projects such as Google USA, where he created best practice accounts for US agencies and held webinars in how to use AdWords for Google Nordics.

Robin will work with your AdWords accounts and ensure that they perform flawlessly.

Contact: robin@mayandbarrow.com

Teodora Chetan / Online Marketing & Research

teodora 1Teodora is a marketing enthusiast that joined May & Barrow to drive and implement its marketing media strategy. Teodora has a great passion for all things online. She brings a wealth to our online research and drives initiatives for online growth through PR, social media and content.

Contact: teodora@mayandbarrow.com

Abelrahman Shalaby / Google Analytics Specialist

abdel 1With his great experience and passion for Google Analytics Abelrahman shows a true analytical skill when working with data. Focusing on helping you understand what you need to know at what time, he is taking away the unnecessary noise giving useful insights for your online business.

Contact: abraham@mayandbarrow.com Bojakt


Alexander Koz / Web Developer

Alexander have been working with web development for several years primarily focusing on PHP, MySQL, HTML5, jQuery and WordPress.

Contact: alexander@mayandbarrow.com

Jakob Englund / Content Writer & Webmaster

JakobJakob is a content writer and webmaster. He has a lot of experience in market research and show high skills in WordPress and HTML. Jakob is an expert in writing blogposts and working with several social media channels.

Contact: jakob@mayandbarrow.com